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Getting locked out is a common occurrence around the UK. With the help of Locksmiths of Belfast, finding the closest locksmith has become available with a simple click of a button.


Browse our page to learn more about hiring the perfect locksmith for every situation. We aim to help you make the right decisions to ensure that you and your family are as safe as you can be.

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Call-out services are available 24/7, free of any hidden or additional charges.


Check-ups, installation, and repairs are carried out on residential properties.


Quality, industrial strength lock systems and security are supplied and fitted.


Assistance with lost keys and broken locks are provided, similar to a dealer's services.




How long will it take to unlock my doors?

Many factors can affect the severity of the problem and how long it will take to get it fixed. Unlocking a door can take anything from 7 seconds to 40 minutes based on the type of door lock, the reasons it broke, and how old the mechanism is.


How much does it cost to hire a locksmith?

No single price can be defined when it comes to hiring a locksmith, however, expect a single, simple job to cost around £60-£90. Contact your local locksmith to get quotes on specific services.


How long does it take to cut a key?

Small keys take less than a minute to be cut, while larger keys such as mortice and Chubb may take up to 25 minutes. This may change depending on the availability of key blanks and machines and the type of key to be cut.


Can new keys be cut from broken ones?

As long as all the parts of the key are present and not severely damaged, new keys can be cut from broken ones. In case the key is too damaged, a new key can easily be made to fit the existing lock.


Can an auto locksmith duplicate my keys?

Many auto locksmiths are trained to offer a number of services concerning keys. These include replacing, cutting, copying, programming and repairing car keys. Most locksmiths are able to do this on-site as well.


How much does it cost to get my car keys cut and how long will it take?

Getting classic car keys cut may cost around £6 (including VAT) and may take up to 5 minutes. These values may vary depending on the type of car key, the availability of key blanks, and the machine used.

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