Strength Over Convenience

The ideal components of a tight security system are: affordable, efficient, and strong. It's like a skill stat that won't necessarily mean that the security system is bad when it falls short on one or more of the mentioned components, it could just be weaker in that area. Unfortunately, no matter how much we deny it, everything has only been getting more and more expensive and fragile nowadays. The capitalistic society has built everything in it to encourage more purchases instead of longevity.

Lock and security services have become more expensive as well due to various fees that have to be paid to keep everything running. However, any man with integrity will do everything in their power to keep everything within the budget without compromising anything else. For folks who want to do everything on their own, sacrifices have to be made, especially in this economy and the type of lifestyle they want to have. For example, if you want the convenience of having a combination type padlock, you can expect that it isn't really strong enough on its own and it may be ideal for locations that aren't necessarily that important.

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