When Should You Start Replacing Your Locks?

Like most things in life, things aren't necessarily made to last forever, and those things include the locks that are the main foundation of our home and commercial security. Sometimes it is necessary to replace all locks in a house, establishment, or building. 


In terms of businesses, owners often change and there are employees that have access to certain areas that might have to get restricted in the future. Through the years, keys will go missing or will be in the possession of different types of people, you simply cannot be sure about who are the only people that can access your establishment. When that happens, the security of the place is compromised and the only way to remedy the situation is to change the locks.


According to Great Valley Shop Inc., the top ten reasons for you to change your locks are: 


  • - When you have purchased a new house.

  • - When you have experienced a break-in or burglary.
    - When you have a vacation rental property.
    - When a renter or tenant has moved out.
    - When a key has been stolen or gone missing.
    - When a disgruntled employee has been terminated.
    - When you are dealing with a messy divorce.
    - When the lock has been damaged.
    - When a new building owner wants to limit or inhibit access for those with old keys.
    - When the locks have not been changed for years, especially for businesses and retail spaces where duplicate keys often change hands.
  2. If you find yourself in any of the previously mentioned situations, or even if you just want to upgrade your security for your peace of mind, reach out to your closest or most trusted locksmith to install a new lock system for you. You can then choose the number of spare keys you want to have and who you want to hand it to. By reaching out to the right professionals, you'll know for sure that little to no damage will be done to the frames, doors, or walls of your property in the process of changing locks. Security surveys and consultations are often free as well.


Your home or business' security isn't something you should be frugal with. After all, burglars love owners that are cheap when it comes to their locks and safety.