Breaking Into Your Own Home

During any emergency situation, it's normal for people to panic and force their solutions into everything. This applies to lock-in and out instances as well. People are more focused on opening their doors and getting its functions to how it originally was rather than making sure it will retain its previous level of security. In the end, most of them may try to push their doors open or even pick up power tools from the shed to try and drill the locks in!

We've lost count of owners calling us for repairs and that their locks have somehow stopped working and lo and behold, their locks are already beyond repair because of what they've done.

In the event of a sudden or accidental lock-in and out, call our services at Locksmiths of Belfast. Due to our well-trained and equipped locksmiths, we'll be at your location within hours to safely open your locks for you. This allows us to perform damage and fuss-free without the need to fully replace your locks, at least not anytime soon. Every service is guaranteed to be quick, efficient, and affordable.

Keep your hands and power tools away from your locks unless you are properly trained and experienced in the field or you will regret it! Attached to this article is a photo of a door lock that has been drilled into by the owners, leading to a lock replacement, costing them far more than they anticipated.

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