Careless Errors

In residential buildings or in fact, any type of residence, one must be wary when the type of handle on the doors is the lever type that requires you to either push down or up in order to open the door. Although they're easy and quick to use since wet and greasy hands can still use them compared to knob types, they're also easy to get locked out of.

Some delivery drivers, in an effort to make sure that their package isn't lost or hidden away somewhere, will place their packages right in front of the door or right under the owner's knobs. In this case, knobs won't have an issue but lever types are almost impossible to open unless you remove what's getting in the way of it. This is even more troublesome when you live somewhere that doesn't have windows big enough to fit you or if no one out is available to help you out.

Lever locks are great but those that want to avoid the inconveniences that come with them should opt for a different type. After all, there are loads in the market.

It is understandably overwhelming to choose a lock type and we are aware of that. Here at Locksmiths of Belfast, we try to make sure our customers are 100% sure of what lock they want to get or installed so we help them out in any way we can.

If this sounds like a concern of yours, consult with one of our friendly locksmiths and choose the better type of lock for you. Feel free to visit our website, GMB Page, and Facebook page for any questions you might still have.