Spare Key Planning

It doesn't matter if you're a new homeowner or you just moved into the new apartment you'll be renting for the next few months or years. You should always consider getting spare keys as soon as you've settled in. Spare keys are more than just a safety net for when you lose your key, they can keep you safe too.

In the event that you go during the day and underestimate how long you'll be out with a pet, plant, or a family member left at home, a trusted family member or neighbour outside can access your home and care for whatever's in need of it for you. This alleviates the stress you could be feeling and you can take your time getting home safely.

Spare keys a re extremely easy to make as well, you can even bring a broken key in for a cut as long as the locksmith you consult is a skilled one. Our locksmiths at Locksmiths of Belfast understand how important spare keys are and we've spent much of our time in the business honing our craft in order to be able to provide the best possible services and products to customers.

If you choose to give us a visit in Belfast, we'd love to cut a few spare keys for you in just a few minutes. You may also give us a call and talk to any of our friendly locksmiths that's available about your lock-related problems.

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