Outdoor Convenience

Security doesn't stop at out front doors or gates. Although, it's a great idea to prioritize securing your perimeter, you shouldn't forget to secure the inner doors and whatever's outdoors that matters as well. What are those? The slots or containers that receive your packages and mail of course.

Due to the pandemic, it has become a lot more common for us to buy necessities and wants online and wait for them to arrive at our doorstep or at our designated receiving areas. It usually happens when we're home to receive them but this isn't always the case. It's important to have a receiving area that's both easy to access for the delivery person but difficult to open for possible burglars.

You may want to consider getting a mail or package box that has a combination lock on it. Besides being convenient for not needing its own padlock and key to be opened, the combination can be given to the delivery persons and changed whenever necessary.

This helps keep your mind off worrying if your important package will disappear when you can't help but not receive it right away. Although some people can find creative ways to have proper hiding places or blind spots in their property, locked mail boxes may be easier for you.

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