Safe Escape

We've all seen the horrific news online of tragedies happening due to incorrectly managed fire and emergency escapes. Some establishments have their own panic doors that are only to be used for the safety of the residents and workers. These are necessary in times of emergency and if folks need a quick escape that doesn't have to be at the main exit. Panic doors or emergency exits need to be equipped with their own locks as well to prevent possible burglars from using it as a mode of entry whenever they wish.

In order to keep you home or establishment safe, you have to do your own research about which types of locks are suitable for the types of situations those exits are expected to handle. This ensures that in the small chance that something bad happens, fatalities and damages are minimized as much as possible. It isn't enough that you just research, you should put in into action as well. Consult with your local locksmith, Locksmiths of Belfast in this case, and narrow down together what locks would be suitable for the purpose you have in mind as well as the budget that you currently have.

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