Keep Track of Your Keys Efficiently

Thieves can have access to your home through poorly kept spare keys. If you choose to hide your keys under potted plants, or your doormat, your property may be at high risk. It is a fact that almost a third of the population keeps a spare key somewhere on their property so with this in mind, how should you keep your keys safe and secure?

- Use a tracking device

Through the advance of technology, wireless trackers for not just your keys are available in the market. It's not that much bigger than a normal keychain, light, and easy to attach to your key holder, and can be linked to your Smartphone through wireless connections. Depending on the brand or type of tracker, download the app that connects to it and you're set for any possible disaster or situation.

- Decorate your keys

The easier they are to find, the easier they are to remember to hide. Paint the head of your keys with bright colors, designs, or have customized decorations on it. Find out which works the best for you.

- Use a hook

Get a hoop that you can attach to your clothes or bag, so there's no need for you to leave your keys anywhere because it's literally attached to you. They'll stay no matter how rigorous the movement is, and are very durable as well.

- Entrust a spare key to a family member or any trusted friend

If you know you're someone that loses their keys often, have spare keys made to hand them to the people you can trust enough. This is very good insurance in an emergency that you'll never really lose a key to your home.

- Be consistent

Finally, it is important to have one specific place for you to put down your keys. Make sure that place doesn't change. Place a hook behind your front door, have a small table by your entrance, or have a designated pocket for them at all times. That way, you'll always know where to look, and you'll never be wrong.