Savings With an Aesthetic
Going sustainable and looking out for the waste you produce is getting more and more prevalent recently. It’s even trendy to recycle, upcycle, and thrift items you’d usually buy brand new. Things aren’t made to last nowadays, capitalism has manipulated our minds that things just break easily when back in the day, a small purchase can last you forever. Saving money can be done digitally as well. You don’t need to keep a ceramic pig around and break one every year just to save money, there are paper versions you can dispose of without the mess instead. Of course, there’s a better option as well, go for vintage items! Going vintage is an aesthetic now. Things are getting too digitalized recently, it’s easy to get caught up at how fast things are going that we often forget to stop and appreciate the things that we really have. When it comes to keeping your money hidden or around to encourage saving, safes are an option, and they have their fair share of vintage versions as well! In our featured photo is a metal box that is safe, durable, and easy to access for when you want to put it right after you open your door so you can insert today’s collection of change to save. Our locksmiths at Locksmiths of Belfast are here to help you out. If you present your vintage safe to us, the best team of locksmiths in Belfast, we’ll be able to fix it enough to look presentable unless you prefer the rugged look old things tend to have. We have a selection of safes as well. We can recommend padlocks for your little safe and let you know if some of its gear needs replacing anytime soon.

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