Lock Placement Advantages

A lot of people assume that lock and handle placements on doors are only done on one specific area especially since most doors are pre-cut with holes for them. This isn't the case at all, you're free to have a fully-customized door anytime.

This is ideal for people that have mobility issues, elders, and for security purposes. It's much harder to pick a lock when it isn't at eye level with you after all.

For disabled and people with mobility issues, placing the lock and handle lower than usual will make your daily errands easier and faster. For elders, placing the door lock and handle somewhere that's at an ideal level for your specific bad issues will help bring you comfort over time. It's the little things that can help you out and your front door can be one of them.

Burglars are accustomed to working with locks that are at the usual levels, any higher or lower, they may not have the patience or tools to fiddle with it. Simply placing your lock or handle somewhere deemed "unusual" can help prevent you from becoming a target in the future.

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