Installation Details

There's a lot that goes into installing locks. It isn't as simple as just inserting a piece of wood inside a hole on your door and frame, there's a lot more detail involved.

For example, everything begins at the selection of your doors. When it comes to proper security, there are also doors that are suitable for specific purposes and would be inappropriate for locks you want them to be paired with. For example, establishment backdoors should always be metal heavy-duty doors that are easier to open from the inside. It wouldn't make sense to have them installed on the front.

Upon choosing the doors with the right type and aesthetic you have in mind, you must select the right type of lock as well. It's easier to narrow down your choices when you're planning it for your home. Any of the latest cylinder locks will do. Easy, straightforward, and fairly affordable.

When getting these locks installed, this is where a local locksmith should come in. Locksmiths know exactly how to install locks that are flush, level, and functional. They're trained and experienced in the craft to ensure those qualities remain for a long time. This is something our locksmiths at Locksmiths of Belfast take pride in.

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