Locksmith Prices

Now that you have decided to call for a Locksmith, do you know how much their services will cost you? Depending on the company and service you choose, the price can really vary. Here's how much an average Locksmith service can cost in the UK as of the year 2021.

The cost of a locksmith’s hourly labour rate goes from around £65 per hour. Some locksmiths may charge a lower price for subsequent hours after the first hour on-site. For example, the first hour on site may be £65, then 2nd hour will be £30. Some work take much longer, depending on the damage they needed to fix or the items they needed to replace.

In terms of the hourly price of an emergency locksmith working out of normal office hours, you can expect to pay from around £65 per hour. Expect prices to be more expensive after midnight and at weekends as well, especially if the locksmith is a good distance away from your residence.

Prices are different for a 24-hour locksmith. It can start from £85 per hour after 8pm, something that might increase after midnight. The price of a 24-hour locksmith will depend on the time of day & whether it’s a weekend or bank holiday.


The good thing is, locksmiths normally don't ask for a call-out fee.

If you want to reduce your costs when hiring a locksmith, ask three different companies for their prices so you can compare where you'll get the best value for your money. See if buying your own equipment could lower it as well. Don't forget to ask is the VAT is included in the price of any work done. Ask for their advice as well.


If you have any doubts, consider asking for the recommendations of your trusted family and friends. That way, no matter the cost, you know the service you'll experience is tried and tested already.