Lock Mainteinance
Like most things in life, locks also get old and faulty through time. Locks are something we use in our everyday lives and yet sometimes we expect them to last forever and be capable of keeping our valuables and ourselves safe in our home.

One of these days, your lock might suddenly break in the middle of the night, leaving you vulnerable. Your key might snap and get stuck inside. Maybe, there has been a forced entry.


No matter the damage, locksmiths are equipped with the right equipment and skills to help you out.


To prevent the previously mentioned disasters in the future, locksmiths can come perform a check-up on your security systems. They can check if your locks are up to date and hard for possible intruders to break, if your windows can be easily accessed, if your cameras cannot see a certain area, or if your alarms aren't useful anymore. 


Locksmiths often come with brand new locks they recommend as well. When it comes to keys, they're the people you can ask. If you want to learn more about how to properly manage your spare keys, check Locksmiths of Belfast's article with the title "Communication is Key."


However, if you wish to do the maintenance on your own, there are a few things you can do.


Clean and clear out the dust that has build up inside the locks. This causes fault in the way the lock works. Use canned air without pointing the aerosol air cleaner straw directly into your lock since this might cause moisture that will then cause rust that will build up on the interior of the lock.


Lubricate the lock but avoid using petroleum based ones as it may affect lock performance and even make dirt stick more. Use a small amount, just enough to keep it going. Wipe it thoroughly and remove any excess product.


It's good to perform lock maintenance at least once a year to optimize the performance and life of your lock.