Protect Your Home From Intruders

Now that the situation looks like it's changing for the better, and there are more opportunities for us to go out and have a vacation, how do you protect it from intruders when you're away? 

According to an article written by D. Clark in Statista, in 2019/20, the crime rate for the United Kingdom was 96.4 crimes per one thousand people, with England & Wales having a much higher crime rate of 102.8 crimes per thousand people than Scotland’s 45.1 crimes per thousand people. The number of overall crimes in the United Kingdom has been steadily climbing from a low of 4.4 million recorded in 2013/14, reaching 6.43 million in 2019/20.

There are a few actions you must take before you leave your home. Hide the valuables you are going to leave behind by using the article on our website "The Best Place to Hide Your Valuables" as a guide. Next, avoid posting your schedule or plans online for everyone to see. Hold back, and post your photos after the trip instead. Enjoy your time, that way, anyone with bad intentions won't be able to plan the best time to execute their attack.


Disable the function that shows your location when you post if you do plan on posting photos during your trip, it's another way to notify people your home is left unattended. 

Ask for a security survey from your locksmith regularly, even if you don't plan on leaving soon anyway. It's better to have peace of mind after a professional has done their job and told you that your house is safe from any illegal entry. 

They will offer to upgrade your locks and such as well if needed.

Vacations are one of the main things we can look forward to as working adults, or even as normal people just want to momentarily leave their everyday life. No one wants to come home to it searched and damaged.


Know the right ways you can prepare so no problems arise in the future.