Distraction Burglary

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one type of burglary. It isn't always something that'll fall under your usual category of "random burglary."

The different types include "house burglary," "business & commercial burglary," and "front door burglary." The type we will read into further is called the "distraction burglary."
As the name suggests, this type of burglary means that the thief will attempt to distract you by posing as a tradesman or someone asking for your help and using your front door to access your home. Although it is not as common as the other types, it is still important to be aware of it to help avoid becoming a victim . Keep in mind that burglars will use any type of technique or excuse to gain access to your home.
To identify a possible "distraction burglar," there are various signs you need to look out for. There are common lies that might slip up, small signals that can hint the true objective of someone at your door.
- “I’m from the ‘Water Board’, there’s a leak down the road I need to check your water supply.” Do not be fooled, this cannot be true because the phrase 'water board' is no longer a phrase used by legitimate organizations.
- “I need to read your meter.” Check with your utility supplier if they indeed scheduled an inspection and have sent a legitimate representative. Before you let them in, check if they carry valid identification.
- “We’re the police, we’ve caught a burglar, we think he’s stolen your cash and we need to check your money is safe.” Genuine police officers would never do this. Do not let them in. Any police-related visit should have a warrant to enter your home in the first place. Ask for valid identification, or phone the police if you have any suspicion.
Should you encounter any sign that were previously mentioned, contact the authorities immediately to report your experience, and to help avoid leading others into a disaster.