Saying Secure While Studying

As things return to normal, those still in school or university will eventually return to leaving their homes almost every day of the week. While we are celebrating the return of normalcy, any opportunistic thief is excited about the changes as well because of the increase in chances they have at stealing a fortune.


Starting school and university is a very exciting and stressful period for everyone involved. It leaves them open to vulnerabilities and they may overlook certain details about their security.


Before disaster strikes, you have to be ready and ensure that you take all necessary precautions to stay secure once you leave your home. These tips will also apply to those who will be living alone for the first time.


-  Check the lock on your front door and bedroom door when moving in.

- If you notice the lock is faulty alert campus staff or your landlord immediately so that it can be replaced as soon as possible. Ensure a lock that adheres to any home insurance policies is used as failure to do so could run the risk of invalidating yours or your landlord’s policy.

- Always lock your doors and windows even if you are just popping out.

- Ask your parents to check whether their home insurance policy covers student contents.

- Mark any valuables you take to University with you such as laptops, tablets or TVs with a UV pen.

- Keep all valuables out of sight of any doors or windows to ensure they can’t be seen by any passersby.

- Don’t leave any spare keys under a door mat or flower pot. By leaving a spare key in an easily discovered hiding place you can run the risk of leaving your student accommodation vulnerable to a break-in. 


While it may seem like a lot of unnecessary additional work, it's worth taking that extra mile for something you never want to experience. Make sure your valuables are also kept hidden, read more about the best way to hide your valuables in Locksmiths of Belfast's article with the title "The Best Place to Hide Your Valuables."