Is Your Home Security Good Enough?

Ask yourself, is your home security truly good enough? How can you determine that? Sure, you can check if your front door and gate lock properly, but that shouldn't be all. Here's a few questions that can help you out.

- Would it be obvious if you were away from home for a period of time?

- Do you leave windows open, even if you think they are not accessible?

- Are any locks you have installed on windows and door obvious and visible?

- Have you ‘hidden’ a spare key where someone could find it? Under a plant pot or under a window ledge?

- Would any hedges in your garden provide cover for a burglar to break in unseen?

- Would entering your property cause any noise that would alert neighbours to a presence in your home/garden? Does your garden contain gravel, for example?

- Is your garage properly secure?

- Are you familiar with all your neighbours and their different personalities?

- Is your location well lit no matter what time of the day it is? 

Perform self-checks on your property and look up on the internet if your type of lock is updated and secure. 

There are many types of additional window and garage security measures you have to be aware of. These may include locking window handles. sash jammers, pacri bolts, garage door defenders, and more.

Make sure you have the complete security system at your home. You can read more about what kind of brands you should familiarize yourself with in Locksmiths of Belfast's article entitled "The Best Brands for Security." 

There are special gadgets you might need to add to your home, these including cameras, mirrors, and alarms that can help deter burglars. When it comes to disasters like that. sometimes being showy and obvious is enough to stop them.

Consider asking your local locksmith for security surveys and check-ups if you want to be sure as well.