What Do Locksmiths Do?

As the people responsible for the security and keys of many, are we really familiar with what they do specifically? In what other ways can the people in this profession help us out? They are capable of many jobs, those including:

- Helping out with emergency lock outs that include picking locks or drilling locks to gain entry

- Supplying, fitting and upgrading locks on uPVC doors and windows

- Upgrading home security

- Cutting keys

- Emergency auto entry – should someone get locked outside their car

- Gain entry into safes, filling cabinets etc.

- Open and install locks on garage doors

- Work with housing associations to gain access into repossessed properties

- Provide security advice to homeowners and business owners

- Keep up to date with new security products

- Installing security products such as smart home security

- Maintain clear records of any orders of stock and jobs that they complete

- Travelling to many different properties in various locations with a van full of stock that they will need

They're the people that will help prevent your valuables from being taken and will help remove the possibility of you being in danger in your own home. Besides being there at any time of the day, Locksmiths are friends that are always ready to help you out no matter how small your issue might be. 

Of course, since they are always in demand, you might want to become a locksmith as well.

Locksmiths are able to choose their own working hours, perfect for those that are still occupied with other things in life. You can be a locksmith without actually renting a place or building you own shop. Some locksmiths opt to just have a van complete with all the tools they'll need.

In terms of salary, a Locksmith salary varies depending on the hours they work. On average a Locksmith can earn anywhere from £16,000 – £30,000+ per year, the top end can increase dramatically depending on how many hours you initially put in and if you decide to grow your own business to build a franchise.

If you find yourself seriously considering the career path, see Locksmiths of Belfast's article entitled "Training to Become a Locksmith" to see if it can help you out.