Training to Become a Locksmith

Are you interested in becoming a locksmith?


This article aims to tell you all about the necessary steps you need to take, and what to think about when starting your career as a locksmith. There are different locksmith training courses you might have to take, and there are things they expect from you when applying for one as well.


- Locksmith training


There is a large Locksmith training industry that covers many areas, including domestic and commercial markets. Locksmiths are more in-demand than you think. Everyday, there are people moving out and building houses in the UK. More and more properties are being bought for the rental market and landlords will need to change the locks every time a tenant leaves and thousands of business owners including shops, hotels and offices need to make sure there security is up-to-date. People that want to ensure their security and safety are safe will look for trained locksmiths. This also includes needing to learn how to make spare keys as it is among the things people lose often.


- What accreditations do you need before starting Locksmith training courses?


The only thing you need is a valid UK driving license. You will also need the ability to gain an understanding of mechanics and electronics, general DIY skills, a flair for detail when carrying out intricate procedures and an analytical and questioning mind.


- What qualifications does an aspiring Locksmith need?


Look for NCFE accredited Locksmith training academies such as the Keytek® Locksmith training academy. Each will detail how long you need to train and any additional requirements they might ask for.


- What is covered in a Locksmith training course?


All Locksmith courses provide; a non-destructive course will teach you about the techniques needed to open a door with damaging it.


- What tools will you need?


Depending on the academy, you might need to get your own tools or they will choose to provide it for you. You will use a variety of tools, including; screwdrivers, chisels, hacksaws, mole grips, drill bits, drills, tapes, measures, rulers and specific Locksmith tools for picking to snapping.


- How long does it take to become a Locksmith?


However long your course will take depends on it. However, improving your skill will take much longer, paired with experience and lots of practice.